A low cost item
with significant
There are very few professional areas in property and planning with such a low cost base, and such a high potential for return, as engagement.


Opposition to schemes can be based on erroneous facts, and very large projects have been delayed or even halted by factually inaccurate information, which has generated momentum.


Many times basic engagement strategies can totally reshape a debate, allowing people to discuss and work and through the solution. It is time consuming, but it works.

Increase your
You cannot achieve increased support without engaging your target audience. This is far more than the minimal requirement of consultation, and specifically looks at how attitudes to a particular project might be changed from a negative to a positive.
Behavioral Change
Our team of experts are experienced in changing the patterns of a debate, through ongoing dialogue with stakeholders and the target audience. We have many examples of where by working with groups and stakeholders, we have changed views and delivered a meaningful solution.
We have explained to clients that to directly engage with stakeholders, politicians, media and the wider community you need a specific skill set, that isn’t available by using your planning consultants. The key asset is experience.
Embrace Public
Our team is well versed in managing all types of public meetings, and have a series of key strategies that will affect the outcome of such meetings. Nobody should undertake a public meeting or workshop without having a very clear understanding as to how to manage the process and the desired outcome.

"Thank you for all the effort and dedication over the past months and what I believe was a knockout performance at committee."

Development Manager Tesco PLC