How do you stop bad publicity ?

Ever wondered how you stop bad publicity for your business or brand?  Every organisation will at some stage get negative publicity in the traditional media and or online.

It’s a guaranteed fact of life that not everyone will agree with the way you approach the marketing or operation of a business.

The key skill is to be prepared – many organisations create huge problems for themselves by not preparing, and having no plan to counter bad press.

Some businesses just bury their heads in the sand and believe it won’t happen –it will.

Not only do organisations need a plan to manage the downside, but they need an upside plan to rebuild and bring the status quo back.

Even many fairly sophisticated organisations suffer from not having detailed enough resilience plans to turn around a wave of bad press.

In many cases, this is compounded by many marketing and PR departments, having allowed themselves to be distanced from the press.

Over the years we have been involved in many reputational issues delivering not only high end strategic advice, but nut and bolts tactical responses. We have worked operationally to rebuild companies and brands after a negative wave of publicity

Some of the companies we have worked in this area include Reebok, Manchester Airport, ING, Barratt Homes, Diageo

Handling bad press and damaging social media is not something you can ask inexperienced people to assist with. It’s overwhelming at times and requires immediate responses in multiple areas with continuous actions and monitoring.

If you haven’t felt the impact of negative press you don’t realise how it can escalate to a frenzy, which in itself takes weeks to stop if unchecked

For those companies who believe a simple statement on a company website will be sufficient are much mistaken. Also those people, who believe that the best policy is to say nothing and it will just end by itself, are daydreaming.

The truth is bad press travels much quicker than ever, and passes through many people’s hands, which can distort, change or embellish the facts

It takes a lot of skill and expertise to manage the re -routing of bad press.

We always promote best practice, that resilience and rebuilding planning being should be built into every organisational plan at inception

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