Is poor content killing your website ?

We presented a marketing and engagement strategy to a businessman who was going to name a new start up company Acrobat Landscapes, because it started with the first letter of the alphabet, and hence would be easily found on Google.

If only things were as simple as they once were back in the days of Yellow Pages.

Today there are many factors that affect how a website ranks in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Search engine optimisation is a unique skill and charlatans have charged companies tens of thousands of pounds, when some simple changes would have probably produced the same results.

Our Search Engine specialist Liam Beale has worked for 20 years in SEO and has seen the quick buck merchants come and go.

“My first piece of advice is very simple if your web site doesn’t change it content and images regularly – its asleep…. dormant call it whatever you want. So why on earth should Google or anyone else direct visitors to your site.”

“ You have to wake up your website –give it a shake  – change the content, get people talking about it, let it live and breathe. “

“ We look at hundreds of websites a week and most people think giving their website a refresh is about new design and images – no make it up to date and interesting says Google and Bing.”

“ Its funny to go into companies and say ok lets plan what you want to say for the next 2 years.”

“We don’t say…… that’s all you are going to say! “

“But we do then have an Enhanced Content Management Framework that allows for regular changes.”

“ It’s a self fulfilling prophecy, as those in the know realise. As you enhance your content on the website, it helps improve your ranking and it also provides so many more links, if used correctly, that in themselves keep on helping your ranking and drives your social media.”

Content isn’t the only thing that matters – there are a number of hugely important must do factors that just have to be right, and Google will spot if you are trying to take a chance in this area.

But as Gary Cartmell says “why would you take chances- Google has the ability to drop you down the search index register as well as move you up – its not personal its just algorithms”

The challenge today is for websites to be well designed, easy to navigate, mobile friendly, fast and optimised for the search engines. When we look at a website from an SEO point of view, we can look at 70+ different sets of criteria including search engine data, website structure and site performance that will affect your site visibility and it’s ability to rank well in the search engines.

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