Hundreds of successfully delivered projects, over two decades, for large and small organisations across the UK and around the world.

We are completely committed to engagement. Passionate, single-minded, focused, completely obsessed.

We are experts, and our founder Gary Cartmell is a well respected authority on the subject.

We have a wide range of skills within our team and have exceptional experience and boundless enthusiasm.


Director of Engagement and Outreach

Former Chief Executive of Sterling Capitol PLC. He has advised brands and companies for 20 years He has worked on development in World Heritage sites and delivered a large format Asda Food store into a WHS in Cornwall.


He has worked on Football and Rugby stadia and advised the Project Manager of St Georges Park National Football Centre, the home of the England Football team. More recently he has advised TH Real Estate and McArthur Glen.


Picture Desk – Filmwork

Paul is our award-winning photographer. He specialises in industrial, commercial, property and corporate work. He produces all our film work and is crucial to much of our engagement work.


Head of Positive Place

Martin is an expert in private public sector partnering, bringing together interdisciplinary working groups and teams to expedite projects and deliver change.


Managing diverse interest groups and stakeholders whilst satisfying the requirements of financiers and investors.


Head of Digital Engagement

With twenty years experience working on digital communications, he is passionate about digital engagement.

Liam is Magento certified developer and was previously SEO principal at Iomart and before that has worked both corporate and agency side.

He is committed to excellent seamless User Experience UX across digital platforms and has worked on demanding digital platforms for football clubs, major events and fmcg brands in the UK and Europe.

Liam’s unique ability to design, code, construct and manage the SEO is key to fast moving digital solutions.