Using EUX with Place to avoid assumptions that derail wealth and investment strategies

We work with people who are passionate about making towns and cities better places to live and work.

Making a real difference is crucial to us – not just creating another report to underline the problems, or producing a “we love your love town”, marketing campaign. We are most definitely change agents, but in order to create change you must generate support, goodwill, and involvement. …But definitely not obstruction or objection.

This is where EUX has proved so powerful –no one wants advisers who parachute in and make generalised recommendations, and then leave.

It’s about passion, backed up by knowledge and supported by hard earned experience

If one of the goals is making communities wealthier, happier and more resilient then it’s crucial not to make assumptions and generalisations in an effort to shortcut the process.

Before any strategy is developed it needs concentrated focus and data rich insights as well as meaningful feedback –the kind EUX gives us.

It is dangerous to look at issues such as differentiation, identity and opportunity without solid understanding and true pressure checking with stakeholders and communities.

From these insights we can develop a number of real life changes that don’t occur in theory but change the way assets are used in reality which in turn leads to real financial and sociological benefits.

So much in terms of Place has now been made politically and financially competitive. Future investment policies will mean locations around the UK will be winners and ultimately some could be losers, if they don’t take steps now to affect change.