Destination Engagement

Nowhere is the failure of engagement more obvious than in destination marketing.

In recent years we have helped numerous locations achieve amazing results through EUX.

If you are seeking to increase footfall, and deliver increased daily spend from your customers you need to engage and it’s a very competitive marketplace.

EUX will shape the pathways looking at research and insights, as well as customer experience, recommendations and proofing

We will deliver a narrative of unique insights and opportunities to shape and engineer your destination’s strategy – it just plain works. But you have to commit to the process

It will involve your team of employees, and will define new points of difference, that will be used in digital marketing and in the customer experience.

Ok – so our first step is intelligence and insight. But we don’t want the kind of data that doesn’t let us build unique solutions. We want fresh exciting intelligence and so do you.

This doesn’t need to take time, it can be done quickly and effectively. This is engagement intelligence and it will be bitter sweet – so just accept that – because this is the information we will use to build our strategy and vision. Again we want a vision that means something, a vision that takes people along, rather than leaving customers and employees behind and ends up being less of a strategy and more of an employee manual.

To learn more and find out he can assist you give our team a call.