Digital marketing with impact

Everybody has got slightly sidetracked by how clever algorithms and GPS tracking can be in finding out what your potential customers like and dislike.

So, when asked, last week our team at Precise Advice, amongst others, liked on social media a dog balancing a ball on its nose and a team of Indian chefs running around the UK.

Yet none of us own a dog or can remember the last time we went out for an Indian meal. Likes and retweets are not factors in engagement; they are factors in social media habits and usage.

You have to go beyond this otherwise you will get very confused or you will need budgets that can cope with a lot of waste.

When you hear stories of political parties using companies like Cambridge Analytica to profile targets its not the profiling which is complex, it’s the shear volume or research.

You only have to go back a few years when magazine marketing departments used to fight to put their magazines in dentist surgeries and GP centres, because they could then claim that each of their magazines was read over a hundred times. – Complete moonshine when sold to advertisers.

We try and remove the myths at Precise Advice. We construct digital products such as websites, applications, banners etc. with knowledge based engagement and intelligence insights.

Our designer Liam Beale has created hundred of products that sell millions of pounds of goods for consumer and B2B clients.

If you are looking to create a fully engaged brand or business that wants impact from professionals who have experience in what delivers please message us now