Engagement UX gets results

Whether you like it or not you cant increase your sales without engagement. Just think about it – engagement is the essence that retains interest that grows into loyalty.

Remember if you do the same things expect the same answers.

We love engagement and have been working in engagement for 20 years. Over that time we have developed the principles of developed engagement EUX which has helped our clients get consistent positive results.

That is why we love to help brands, companies, projects and even individuals engage.

As customers we want to believe that the brand, company or organisation, which is intervening in our lives is fully engaged and understands our aspirations, our feelings, our purpose.

As a stakeholder, we want engagement to reassure us that a company is fully immersed in our problems, our challenges and our vision.

As a local business you want to be engaged with your local community, to be consistently on their minds, for all the right reasons.

Engagement is not about repetitive posting on social media or multiple emails landing on someone’s desk. If misaligned these interventions actually work in the opposite way to the desired effect.

Every social media manager who sends out legions of posts and comments needs to remember this.

We all know a company who comments about everything and anything and we feel cool about them, again we remember the organisation who communicates something so perfectly we sit up and take note and want to share their values, their choices and their goals.

It generally accepted it takes seven or eight touch points to make a sale or potentially change a view. Not seventy-eight touch points. More does not make better – it is the quality of what you communicate that matters.

When we review marketing strategies for our clients. It is the proliferation of marketing in digital media, which is turning people off in their droves. By churning out more – your situation is being weakened, not strengthened.

You have to engage through 8 touch points and this funnel or channel, what ever you wish to call it, needs to be shaped by intelligence, deep insights and differentiation.

You have to take people in eight touches from No to Yes, and remember there is a maybe in between.

If you want to know more give Gary Cartmell our Director of Engagement and outreach a call