Engagement is the single most important determining factor between success and failure

We help companies successfully engage with customers, stakeholders, and politicians. We use EUX, which encompasses all the tools available to us.


We use intelligence, immersion and insights to shape strategies that deliver, and deliver again.

How can a heritage challenge speed up development?

North East football giant uses EUX in demonstration of support

Agreed goals

Without clear goals backed up by defined objectives the task is virtually impossible. We will agree the Goals and objectives and then look to break the task down into its component parts. From this we will commence the delivery of each task based on progress in each area.

Engage UX

We have developed and established this strategy and its principle over 20 years –we have worked in the most sophisticated and sensitive environments and it has delivered the results. We have complete confidence that with EUX  we can affect change and create a consensus for growth.

Data and intelligence

Without data and substantive intelligence the task in UEX are an uphill climb. We will do the heavy lifting in this area and deliver the knowledge that will underpin the decisions we make. So many organisations skip this step, mainly due to the desire to get on with things – but it will come back and bite you.

Exploit differentiation

To achieve the goals you have set we have to exploit the differentiation between what is now and what is possible in the future. Without this there will be no progress and the status quo option will always be a huge hurdle to come

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