EUX is the gatekeeper to loyalty and support

Reducing the emotional distance between you and your constituents, stakeholders, community representatives is the essence of EUX.

EUX is the gatekeeper to loyalty and support. There is not one example of a concept or a message being successful, without engagement. It is almost an impossibility.

We use EUX to bridge the gap and create dialogue and interest –after all before someone changes their views from No to Yes you have to guide them to maybe.

We use an intelligence driven approach with deeper insights to make sure our engagement is influential. We then use EUX principles to ensure that we are gaining traction and progress.

We hear of so many examples of organisations engaging with individuals and groups that are not central to a debate or the delivery of a project.

As with all our work we are fiercely independent and this is critical to the success of our work, on our clients behalf

Independence is required to generate the trust, and the ability to find the working agenda that will shape the future dialogue and generate the ongoing trust
We have worked on many projects for Politicians and NGOs and have dealt with numerous complex challenges.

These challenges have included reputational work, the generation of support in specific areas that have been identified by our team.

We have also analysed the success of delivery using tightly focused groups to give specific targeted responses as a way of engineering future messaging.

We have been able to help identify why messages have not worked, and why they were diluted, and how they can be re engineered to improve success in the future.

We concentrate on message EUX rather than digital techniques as the publishing is the simpler part of the equation, –once the insights and information is available it’s the UX that matters

If you feel you need assistance contact Gary Cartmell Director of Engagement and outreach.