EUX overcome traffic challenge that would have taken millions to resolve.

The relationship between Europe’s largest Designer Outlet and their local authority was becoming strained, due to traffic congestion affecting local roads and a motorway.

Difficult questions over retail impact on local major centres, and targeted by certain stakeholders as a possible reason why the councils own £200 million regeneration plans were being held up. There seemed little chance that a major expansion would be possible

Furthermore Outlet management had been openly criticised for lack of car park management, and traffic issues around the site led Cheshire Constabulary to write to the site to put on record an objection to any further expansion on site.

It couldn’t get much worse – but it did on one of the gridlock days the Cheshire West Council head of Highways was actually stuck in the car park for 3 hours. One of the senior politicians then said no way are we discussing any further growth at Cheshire Oaks.

We were instructed by McArthur Glen to try and assist using EUX principles led by Director of Engagement and outreach Gary Cartmell, Claire Schofield and their outreach team spent 6 months working with all the channels, so important to EUX

The result was unanimous agreement by the Council to support our plans even with the impact on NG

The Committee said, “ I wish other applicants were here to listen to this and the way in which MAG has gone beyond engagement “

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