EUX protects reputations

Reputations are built over decades and destroyed in days. In recent years reputational damage has led to some very public well-publicised failures. It actually hasn’t taken a lot to create a catastrophic series of events.

Would your oragnisation or business know what to do in these circumstances? It doesn’t have to be a once in a hundred years event; it could be a series of freak circumstances.

We have helped individuals with the most seemingly benign issues that have accelerated out of control.

Issues such as Bird Flu, product failures, legal challenges, Director disputes, unethical procedure claims, NGO interventions and many more.

From environmental health issue to security and licensing failures we have assisted companies reduce the damage or rebuild after a problem.

In many occasions we have managed to turn the process into a positive, and create reputational rebound.

We deal with a wide number of lesser issues too.

Some of our clients have just felt they are not getting the credit they deserve or are facing online proofing issues. We can assist.

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