Getting it right, rather than wrong on social media

Social media works, but its not the golden ticket to success. Our social media director Claire Schofield knows social media and she knows how to engage, rather than simply spend time and resources generating endless posts and tweets.

It has to be part of a complete engagement strategy that will change the way your business or brand thinks about customer or stakeholder marketing.

It has to be part of a bigger picture that really allow your customers to start believing that you understand, care and want their involvement.

Social media cant be just a separate channel working in a different office to its own strategy and goals. That’s never going to work.

It needs EUX – to review the fundamentals and start to use intelligence, data insights, feedback, testimonials the list goes on, to make your marketing strategy work.

Everybody has seen examples of where a brand has missed the target. The most obvious cases are where a business is just too slow, they are discussing an event or happening and everyone has moved on. That just cant be allowed to happen.

Likewise overly promoted material on social media is a huge turnoff and facebook and twitter penalize you for it – If you don’t know that already.

So if you are just not getting the momentum you would like in social media, don’t simply double your output – message us and we can discuss some options.

To get an immediate social media audit please message us @gary Cartmell twitter