How can a heritage challenge speed up development?

The old adage goes – If you do the same things expect the same answer.

By involving different channels in heritage matters in Cornwall we were able to use the core principles of EUX to actually speed up progress.

Using insights and intelligence that underlined the importance of the narrative, we were able to deliver break through requirements that shaped an agreement and moved the plans and scheme forward.

Hayle Harbour closed in 1977, and over a period of 40 years developers argued over the future direction of the regeneration.

We were asked by ING, the Dutch bank, to look if there might be a way to move forward emerging plans, which were proving extremely difficult to progress.

We used our deeper engagement ux approach to research and gather intelligence breaking down the channels into different engagements streams

One of the recurring themes, we were able to recognise coming back from at least 4 of the channels we were engaging with, were tags that related to a lack of trust in developers unwillingness and inability to understand the commercial operation of a small port.

Whilst other developers brushed off these suggestions due to the low level of shipping traffic. But we recognised the importance of this, and the message it sent about Hayle Harbour, being open for business going forward and not just being a landside regeneration project.

We were able to develop this stream, engaging much deeper and further into how these aspirations could be balanced. If you would like to know we can explain in detail.