Political influence can change matters at a stroke, and affect outcomes.

Failure to engage in the right way, with both local and national politicians will lead to serious failures.

EUX is the gatekeeper to loyalty and support

Reducing the emotional distance between you and your constituents, stakeholders, community representative is the essence of EUX

New approach in a sensitive area

Transparency is a must in Cornwall’s World Heritage Site. As the site is of the most sensitive classification in planning, the new application had to go through closer inspection by UNESCO.


Influence is a crucial commodity and there is absolutely nothing wrong with engaging with those stakeholders who have influence. Quite the opposite it is to be recommended –without an effective strategy to manage influence you will struggle.


Asking for support is not as easy as you might imagine. There are rules and regulations. Be aware for every person pushing, there is someone pulling; lobbyists, councillors, residents. You need experience to cut through the noise


With a team of former journalists working with us we are able to ensure the right message is delivered at the right time and backed up with solid creative data and substantive intelligence that grabs attention and maintain engagement.


Dealing with misinformation is becoming increasingly problematical.  We are well versed in countering misinformation as well as sensitive and complex media management issues.

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